Captain’s – Susannah & Kenny Covert


Susannah is a Louisiana girl who first visited the islands on a semester exchange during college at Louisiana State University, fell in love with the island life and has now lived in St. Thomas for the past 15 years.

Kenny is a true Georgia boy. He graduated from University of Georgia, enjoyed the mountains of Asheville, NC for a few years and made the move to St. Thomas in 2012.

The two met in 2014, while crewing on a snorkel tour boat. At that time, they were each working on obtaining experience for their Masters Coast Guard Licenses. After driving separate boats for a few years, they decided to join forces on the water and in life.  Together, they enjoy taking visitors and locals alike on excursions throughout the Virgin Islands. They love what they do and have lots of experience taking guests to everyone’s favorite spots, as well as introducing them to new adventures and some secret locations.

They are both travelers at heart and when they’re not working on the water, they enjoy snorkeling, diving, lobster hunting, art, building furniture, and games. They also host family and friends so often, that they could be considered owners of a bed and breakfast.

We are a family owned and operated company.

Our Owners & Crew Members are long time Virgin Islands residents and not just seasonal workers or live on the island part time.

We are all here full time and the Virgin Islands is our home.

We are proud of the fact, that as a guest you will get to see the same crew members year after year.

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