Frequently Asked Questions

We understand there are a lot of options when planning a Boat Day.

Please feel free to call us anytime (340)-775-7990 to answer any questions. We have listed a few of the most popular questions here.

Where do you depart from?

We depart from both St. Thomas & St. John.

If you are staying on St. Thomas, we depart from American Yacht harbor in Red Hook.

If you are staying on St. John we depart from The National Park Dock in Cruz Bay.

Is there parking?

If you are joining us from St. Thomas, we suggest you park in the ferry terminal parking garage which is $10.00 for the entire day or in the underground parking garage at American Yacht Harbor which is $20.00 for the day.

If you park at American Yacht Harbor, you must receive a parking pass from the marina office or your car will be booted when you return and the boot removal fee is $150.00. The marina office opens at 7:30am. (Rates may change without notice)

If you are joining us from St. John, there are two paid parking lots each a 10 minute walk from The National Park Dock. The Lumber Yard has parking up the hill across from the dock. Slim Mans parking is along Strand Street across from Island Cork. Daily parking is about $20.00 per day.

Can you pick us up at our resort or a different location?

Please give us a call to discuss other pick up locations. We prefer to depart from our dock in Red hook, because we have customized the dock, so the vessels are easy to board. At other locations where the dock will not be customized for our boats the boarding process may not be as easy.

That being said, you will easily step from the dock to our boats. You will not have to board a dinghy and then try to go from a small dinghy on the larger boat. Boarding is very easy for most people.

What does a typical Private boat day look like?

Each private trip is completely customizable. We can take 100 different groups of people on 100 different itineraries.

Do you want to snorkel a beautiful reef with colorful fish? Swim with Turtles? Snorkel a Shipwreck?

Do you want to relax on a quiet beach on an uninhabited island or drink a strong Rum Punch at a popular crowded beach or are you looking for something in between?

Do you want to learn some history of the islands and hike on trails accessible by water or do you want a tour of where some of the famous people have homes on the water?

All private trips are completely customizable for your group and our Crew members are experts at making sure that your group will have great experience.

What does a typical Scheduled Trip look like?

What makes our scheduled charters unique is that we only take a maximum of 12 people on each trip. Many of our past guests tell us they feel like they were on a private charter with new friends. Since you are with a smaller group, you will have a more personalized experience.

We have 3 BVI trip options.
1.) The Baths & White Bay
With this trip you get to experience the 2 most popular destinations in the BVI without being rushed. We focus our time at the unique destinations of the BVI. We do not make a snorkel stop because you can snorkel almost most anywhere in the USVI for free. If you are going to spend $75 on customs fees to see the BVI, we think you should spend the time at the places that make the BVI special.

2.) Jost Van Dyke Fun Day
There is so much more to Jost Van Dyke than The Soggy Dollar Bar and White Bay. We start the day by checking into the BVI in the village of Great Harbor. This is where the famous Foxy’s bar is located and if you are lucky you may even get to meet Foxy himself. After visiting Foxy’s there will be time to stop at Corsairs and meet Vinney, also known as the pirates of JVD.

After Great Harbor we stop at the small island of Sandy Spit, where you will have time to swim and walk completely around the island for good luck!! This spot is an amazing spots for photos.

After Sandy Spit we dock at Foxy’s daughter place, known at Foxy’s Taboo in Diamond Cay. Here you will have time to hike to The Bubbly Pool, or just sit and relax with a cold drink on the beach.

After Foxy’s Taboo, we head over to White Bay where we spend the entire afternoon anchored off of The Soggy Dollar Bar. You will have time tip sip on Painkillers and enjoy a leisurely lunch on the beautiful beach.

3.) BVI Beach Bar Hop
This trip is exactly as it sounds. There is NO Hiking, NO Snorkeling & NO Adulting.
This trip takes Day Drinking to the next level and is not for amateurs!

Do I need a passport to travel to the BVI?

YES, every guests on board needs a valid Passport to travel internationally, from the USVI to the BVI and back.

Even children and infants need a valid passport to travel back and forth to the BVI. There are NO Exceptions to this rule.

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