What if it is raining?

A rainy boat day is better than a rainy beach day.

While on a boat, you are wet most of the day anyways, the fresh water rinse from the rain feels amazing!!

The rain will cool you down and the layer of clouds keeps the temperature comfortable.

Snorkeling during rain is also much better.

Chances are it may rain at some point during the day, especially during the month of Aug – Oct.
WE will cancel the trip or try to reschedule for the following reasons.

  1. IF the wind or sea conditions, make it unsafe to go out.
  2. IF it looks to be a full day rain out. Nobody wants to be in the rain all day.
  3. IF there is convective activity (thunder and lightning) in the area or forecast to be in the area the majority of the day.

**If WE cancel a trip due to weather or any other reason

Please note a few rules of a weather cancellation:

  • It will be our CAPTAINS, who will be the ones who make the decision to GO or NOT GO.
  • YOU are not the one who gets to decide whether or not the trip is cancelled or delayed.
    • For example: You CAN NOT text us at 11:30pm and say you don’t want to go because you think it “may be raining” in the morning. Then, when it ends up being a beautiful morning, not be able to show up at the dock on time and demand a refund or an extension on your day. (yes! this has happened)
  • WE will be the ones who will touch base with you on the MORNING of the trip and you should be ready to depart on time.
    • In most cases, the weather forecast is not dependable more than a few hours out. We will wait to see what the weather conditions are on the day of the trip and will plan to go or not go then, in the morning BEFORE your scheduled departure time.
  • When WE touch base with you in the morning, we will decide the following:
    1. Depart on time
    2. Delay the start time to “wait and see” what the day will look like.
    3. Cancel the trip and try to reschedule for a different day.
  • IF you DO NOT hear from us, then the trip will depart, as scheduled, at the time on your confirmation email, reminder email and reminder text message.
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