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Pirates Tales

Christmas Season in the Virgin Islands

Why Celebrating the Christmas Season in the Virgin Islands is always a Great Idea!   Ahoy mates! And welcome aboard! If trading pine trees and eggnog for decorated palm trees and a bowl of rum punch seems like a break in tradition, we here at Stormy Pirates think you should give it a try. Once…

How to choose a Reef Safe Sunscreen

Reef Safe Sunscreens   Protecting the Reefs   “Beautiful,” “Magical,” and “Amazing,” are just a few of the words our guests have used to describe the coral reefs in the Virgin Islands after a snorkeling trip. Beneath our aqua-tinted waters, lies an ecosystem full of changing colors, exotic plant life, and multitudes of fish.  Blue…

What to pack

What To Pack – The Essential List   Ahoy Mates! And Welcome Aboard! Getting close to your departure for the Virgin Islands and wondering what to pack? You’re not alone. Just about everyone who has come to visit us for the first time has asked for advice. I remember some of our first visits. We…

Virgin Island Fun Facts

Ahoy! And Welcome Aboard! I’m Kristie, lead Pirate of Stormy Pirates Charters, and in each Pirate Tales blog, I or one of our crew members will be sharing a bit of what it’s like to live in the Virgin Islands as well as some helpful information to make your trip to the islands more enjoyable….