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Pirates Tales

Virgin Islands

Hurricane Season Closures & Preparedness

  Hurricane Season Closures & Preparedness   Ahoy! Prime Hurricane Season Is Approaching – So be informed about the latest closures and preparedness advice.    Welcome aboard! It’s that time of year when we have to talk about the “H” word.  Paradise has its drawbacks and those nasty tropical systems that develop into hurricanes are…

Test your Virgin Islands IQ

Test Your Virgin Island IQ   Ahoy! And welcome aboard! Think you know the Virgin islands like an expert? Take our quiz to find out just how much you really do know about these interesting, gorgeous islands we call home. Relax! It’s just for fun.   Test Your Virgin Island IQ 1. The Virgin Islands…

Virgin Island Fun Facts

Ahoy! And Welcome Aboard! I’m Kristie, lead Pirate of Stormy Pirates Charters, and in each Pirate Tales blog, I or one of our crew members will be sharing a bit of what it’s like to live in the Virgin Islands as well as some helpful information to make your trip to the islands more enjoyable….