Online Convenience Fee

Many of our guests ask about the fee at the bottom of their confirmation & receipt

This fee is an online convenience fee for the convenience for you, to book your trip online.

It is exactly like the online convenience fee you pay for things like; Movie Tickets, Concert Tickets, Air B&B, VRBO, & most Food Delivery online.

Our booking calendar is AMAZING!! It is supported by FareHarbor and used by 85% of the boat charter companies and other excursions in the US Virgin Islands.

By being a member of FareHarbor and using this calendar, we also can receive bookings through TripAdvisor, Viator, Expedia,, Marriott, and many other online travel platforms. Our trips are more expensive through these platforms, and even after paying the small convenience fee from on our direct site you will still be saving money on your boat day.

By being a member of FareHarbor we can also share our booking calendar with local based concierges, who are able to see availability and book your trips from where you are staying on the island.

This AMAZING booking calendar also keeps the overall price of all of our trips lower for our guests. Here are just a few advantages and WHY we think offering this service to our guests is beneficial and worth the extra fee.

  • If every single person who booked, called our office we would need an additional phone line and an additional person in the office to answer the phone to take bookings. We would have to increase the price of our trips to pay for these additional expenses. The increase in the price of the trips for our guests, would end up being much more than this small convenience fee added on to each online booking.
  • We live and operate our business on a small island, in the middle of the ocean. Our islands have frequent power outages and our Wifi can be down for days. Even on the good days our internet is slow at best. When you book online through FareHarbor you can be confident there are NO OVER BOOKINGS, even when our electric and Wifi are out on the island.
  • The phone (cell) service can also be down or connections can be very bad. Many times, what should be a 5 minutes call, can be dropped 2-3 times. A simple 5 minute phone call can end up being stressful and take 15 or more minutes to complete. Also, the 340 area code is considered an International Call for some carriers in the Continental US, and can’t even be called without additional fees.

Can you avoid this fee? YES

How? By giving us a call during normal business hours to book your trip.

All of us at Stormy Pirates work hard to be transparent and give our guests the best experience possible.

Yes, we prefer if you book your trip on line, because it will be easier on all of us. But, if you’d like to avoid the fee, please give us a call during normal business hours and we will be happy to reserve your boat day over the phone.

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