USVI – Lunch Options

You will work up a healthy appetite on your boat day. Your Crew will go over these different options with you on the morning of your boat day.


Floating Restaurants Only Accessible by Boat.

Pizza Pi VI

Fun Pizza Boat

Christmas Cove, Great St. James Island

Great stop on any of our boats

  Scheduled Trips (at per person pricing) & Private Charters available

Lime Out VI

Taco Bar

Outside of Coral Bay, St. John

Only accessible on our Power Boats*

Scheduled Trips (at per person pricing) & Private Charters available


St. Thomas Area Beach Bars

Sapphire Beach Bar

East End of St. Thomas.

Fun Vibe! Boats can get close to the beach for an easy swim to shore.

Great Burgers, Fish Tacos, Mixed Drinks & Cold Beer

Sapphire Beach Bar

Dinghy's Beach Bar

Water Island

USVI version of White Bay JVD! Live Music, Cold Drinks Swim from Boat to Beach

Large menu with table service on the beach

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Sunset Grill & Beach Bar

Secret Harbor Resort

Relaxing Atmosphere, Beach Chair, Snorkeling  . Swim from Boat to Beach

Casual patio dining featuring Pizza



St. John Beach Bars

Maho Crossroads

Maho Bay, St. John

You will need to swim in from the boat and walk across the street

Great Burgers, Hot Hogs, Mixed Drinks & Cold Beer in a Greatful Dead inspired Tiki Bar Setting.

Sapphire Beach Bar

Lovango Beach Club

Open mid-December - mid-July

Located on Lovango Cay

Dock to drop off passangers. No need to swim to shore.

Amazing View, Service & Food in an outside, luxurious beach club setting



Catering Delivered to the Boat

Love City Lunch Box

Private Catering Delivered to the Boat or

Private Chef Onboard our larger vessels

Sandwich Platter by Moes Fresh Market

Sandwich, Veggie or Meat and Cheese Platters ordered in advance and picked up the morning of your trip.

If you would prefer this option please let our Team Member know when they ask you for any special requests.


* Our Sailing Catamarans CAN NOT go to Lime Out for Lunch on a normal day. If you would like to go to Lime Out on the sailing catamaran, you must add the sunset sail AND an additional 2 hours to your day, because Lime Out is too far away. You will need at least 10 hours to get to Lime Out and back on the sailing catamaran. To book this trip, you must call our office and it is only possible on days when the wind is forecast to be less than 15 knots.

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